' Jonathan Edwards Winery - Dog Policy

Dog Policy

All of us at the Winery love dogs (insert heart emoji) and many of us have dogs of our own.  We have always had a very lenient dog policy for visitors.  However, that leniency has lead to many guests bringing thier 4 legged family members and it does not always go well.  Too many dogs indoors have led to dog to dog issues and we've had numerous complaints from customers that do not share our dog affection either due to fear or allergies, which is why we need to outline a new policy effecive immediately.  (December 2021)

Dogs are no longer allowed indoors in the Tasting Room or in any indoor winery space.  

Warm weather days:  Guests can bring thier dogs and sit anywhere outside on the grounds. Please feel free to bring chairs, blankets, pop-ups, etc.. to enjoy your time with your dogs outside.  Dogs are not allowed on the patios or decks.  Again, the close proximity to other guests needs to be a priority when we are busy.

Cold weather days:  No dogs indoors.  

We apologize for any inconvenience.  This was a difficult change to make to our policy, but we need to respect both sides of this conversation and establish a policy that we felt was fair to all.